What is your educational philosophy?

We see each child as a unique individual with their own developing personality and learning style. Panda Bilingual’s goal is to nurture each child’s self-confidence and independence by respecting your child’s inherent potential and meeting their needs. Please read more about our goals on our website.

What is your curriculum plan?

Our curriculum is developmentally based and emphasizes the importance of the child’s inherent need to explore their environment. Using Maria Montessori’s insights and many of the materials she developed, our curriculum is also informed by the discoveries of Jean Piaget, T. Berry Brazelton and others. Play and exploration is the child’s way of learning about their world. As educators we must take the child’s play seriously so that we can support their learning by providing materials and an environment that nurtures their inborn desire to understand the world around them.

Can I be involved in my child’s classroom?

Absolutely! PBD is an open center in which parents are always welcome. Teachers enthusiastically encourage parents to plan a visit, read a book, sing a song, and share an activity.

How will I know what my child is learning?

We also know how full your days can be and teachers will share your child’s day with you in different ways. Some evenings you may receive an email about some special moment in your child’s day, or an activity that they are enjoying. Photos, artwork, descriptions of activities may appear on the whiteboards and bulletin boards. While teachers are often too busy at drop off and pick up times to offer more than a few words or important messages, you can request an appointment to share a phone conversation or an in-person conference.

Who can I go to with my concerns?

Your child’s teachers will know your child best and welcomes your questions, concerns, and requests. Our Director will be available on site much of the day and also can be reached by phone or email. And, of course, there will be regularly scheduled parent-teacher conferences and written reports.

Why chose a bilingual program?

The world our children will grow up in is an increasing diverse one and knowing a second language is a great advantage. The children at PBD will learn in both English and Mandarin at the age when learning a second language is natural and easiest. Our center’s environment will include and celebrate many aspects of Chinese culture. Children exposed to and involved in cultures different from their native culture are comfortable with people and cultures different from their own. Families in which Chinese is already a spoken language, or in which parents want their children to learn the language and customs will find PBD to be a partner in this and also prepare their children for the larger world.