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Our story

As a finance major graduate, for countless times, I was asked that why I want to create the Panda Bilingual Daycare Center. In here please allow me to tell you my story.

To most of international students, America means a lot. The worldwide best academic resources and multi-cultural environment provide solid education foundations. In here, I chase my American dream. I make friends with diversified backgrounds; completed my bachelor and master degree and actively participate in social activities. For the past years, I found more and more westerners have great interest in China’s culture and language. Also, after several conversations with some new Chinese immigration families, I realized that parents are concerned that children will be lack of confidence to immerse in exclusive English speaking environment. In addition, there are a lot of Chinese-American families who express concern about children’s Chinese language and culture heritage. Frankly speaking, as a new immigration family, I was haunted with these concerns as well. Fortunately I have already found the approach.

After graduation, my husband and I decided to have our own baby in one or two years. This decision provided us the access to early childhood education and I was drawn to it immediately! I believe that through working in a center you can better feel whether this is the most appropriate one for your child. For the following year, I made full use of my spare time to take the child growth and development course, to learn Montessori education approach and to work as a volunteer teacher in different daycare centers. Thanks to these experiences, I can observe centers management completely and objectively. I also achieved Preschool Teacher and Infant/Toddler Teacher Certificates issued by the Department of Early Education and Care.

There is no doubt that language is an important component of cultural factors, and early childhood is an advantageous time to being bilingual. However, through my experience as a volunteer teacher, I realized that it is difficult to find a bilingual daycare center which meet my high standard in my community. The idea, “why don’t I create a daycare center for my babies”, came into my mind after months of seek for solutions. When discussed this idea with my husband and parents, I was fully supported. At the same time, I happened to meet a successful daycare owner and director who inspired me with strong enthusiasm. After taking deep research into the industry and market, I registered my LLC and began the business journey.

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30 Cambridge Park Drive, Cambridge, MA, 02140

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