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The Panda Bilingual Daycare curriculum will be guided by Montessori education tenet and the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks coupled with our own unique features. The core curriculum of a Montessori classroom is separated into four main areas, sensorial, practical life, language, and mathematics. Along with these four areas, we will introduce cultural, scientific and historical subjects such as geography, geology, zoology and botany, etc.

Dr. Montessori claimed that children have absorbent mind, which is different from adult mind. They acquire all impression unconsciously and whatever is in their environment can turn into parts of their mind. Thus, we believe that creating a high-level curriculum can help build a good foundation for lifelong learning experience during the first few years when they acquire all unconsciously and effortless.

Panda Bilingual Daycare encourage children to learn Chinese not only through art, music and dance, but also through reading exposures to China’s classic studies. From the authoritative research, the reading exposures prior to kindergarten have a measurable impact on children’s brain development. The research show strong associations between reading and child’s brain sematic processing, mental imagery and memory. At the same time, China’s classic studies such as The Analects, Tang and Song Poetry have circulated for thousands of years, and the philosophy, history, literature in these studies still applies the current society.

Our curriculum is also designed for practical life activities. Children can choose from variety of works or activities such as pouring a pitcher of water. Children are able to focus on the particular task for as long as they need, until they feel that they have mastered it. In these process, children learn how to speak appropriately to one another, how to take turns, and how to share space.

In addition, compared to the traditional education approach which the teachers are active giver of information and children are passive receivers, Panda Bilingual Daycare encourages children to teach and help each other. Children can find what they need and learn at their own pace.  

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