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From Marcia Lieberman (Marcy), the Director


As I write this, it has been nearly two years since Panda B opened and much has happened in that time. We are serving the maximum number of families we can enroll and have earned a reputation for quality.

While I have been truly privileged in my long career to work with a variety of populations, including typically developing children and those with special needs, and with families from around the world, being a part of this center is uniquely satisfying! Panda B serves families from many countries and cultures who speak with their children in a variety of languages as well as English and Mandarin.

When we offer young children the opportunity to play and learn with children who are different from themselves, we are educating them for life. The differences may be in the language we speak, the culture from which we come, the color of our skin, or our developmental gifts and challenges. We have much to learn from one another!

My educational philosophy is developmental, by which I mean that children enter the world with their own talents, temperaments, and interests. They go on to develop their cognitive, social and physical skills through the same developmental stages, but on their own unique timetables. It is up to us as parents, relatives, friends, and teachers to foster this growth.

A vital part of what teachers do is to observe your child carefully, using their knowledge of child development and their experience to understand what your child is drawn to explore, and then to provide the materials and ask the questions to support your child’s quest. It is an ongoing, active process the guides your child while allowing them to discover her answers and develop her skills.

I am enthusiastic to use my experience to join with and mentor teachers and to continue to grow as an educator. How fortunate I am to have a job that requires me to play with children and partner with parents and teachers!

Marcia Lieberman (Marcy)

720-231-9378(Chinese) 857-706-1185(English)
30 Cambridge Park Drive, Cambridge, MA, 02140

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