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Why Montessori

Choosing a center for a young child can be overwhelming. There are many factors to balance. Location, cost, hours certainly narrow your focus, and then you have the question of what is the educational philosophy of the center, what kind of social and educational experience is your child going to have? 

We have put together some information comparing our program, which has a strong Montessori influence, to a traditional model followed by many nursery and educational childcare programs.

We hope you find this useful and we will be pleased to answer your questions.

Montessori Based Setting

Traditional Settings

Children are able to choose their activities based on their interests and abilities.

Themes and activities are chosen by teachers.

Children are encouraged to explore their environment at their own pace.

Children are required to move as a group throughout their day.

Children are active and engaged participants in learning. Teachers are not the center of attention in the classroom.

Teachers have domain, active role in classroom activity. Learning is seen as teachers directed.

Children formulate concepts from their interaction with the educational materials in their environment.

Children are guided to concepts by teachers.

The teacher asks questions, encourages, guides and provides resources to support the children’s own exploration.

Errors are usually pointed out by teachers.

Children learn to be independent in caring for themselves and their environment.

Self-help skills and classroom maintenance are not a central part of the curriculum.

Teachers use their knowledge of child development and their observations and interactions with the children to create the curriculum.

Lesson are preplanned. Curriculum structured for child with little regard for child's interests.

The environment is set up to encourage children to become independent and develop self-discipline.

External discipline is emphasized over developing internal control.

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