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The Outdoor Classroom
Date:2018-08-18 13:48:47 | Visits:

The outdoor classroom is an important part of our curriculum. Children’s experience of the natural world is often more limited than it has been in the past, when the pace of life was slower. Yet we know from research and our own experience that time spent in the open air has unique physical, social and educational benefits.


Our outdoor classroom is surely a playground, in which the children can run and jump and play together. But it is also a natural extension of their classrooms, in which the children will have the daily experience of learning surrounded by a bit of nature. They can spend time noticing the animal and plant life, finding a bird’s nest, watching the life cycle of a butterfly, growing and caring for plants, as well as playing in the sand, balancing on tree stumps, lounging in the child sized hammocks. Children can paint and draw what they see on the outdoor easels and experiment with sound and music on the thunder drum and musical fence.


Our teachers encourage the many questions that children raise in their outdoor play. For example, our outdoor classroom has a wonderful water pump and channel for the water to flow. How fast can I make the water flow, what happens when we raise or lower the wooden channel. The children transport the water to add to the sand box and to nourish the plants, nourishing the child’s innate desire to be independent.


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